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The Mayfair Moon - J.A. Redmerski The Mayfair Moon J.A. Redmerski was entirely exceptional from the storyline, to the characters and mostly the werewolf lore. Even before I reached the end I knew I would want more. 
The writing was magnificent.
 Sometimes a story and idea is great, but for me, the writing and the execution of this said story in words needs to come off the page and take me there. Redmerski did this, hands down. I was hypnotized by the story effortlessly. The more I read, the more I couldn’t just get enough! Redmerski set the pace beautiful, easing me along side the main character. 
Adria was kick-ass, bad-ass and all around amazing.
 I absolutely adored Adria! She has this snarky voice complete with the perfect amount of sass and a stoic personality. I was able to relate to her in so many ways. As the story went on, I saw Adria’s toughness and her capability thinking on her feet while still thinking things through. Make no mistake that Adria is a strong character and it’s obviously seen especially with everything that Adria’s put through. She handles everything with an immense amount of maturity. What I liked most about Adria is the fact that she’s an overall good person.The romance was lovely.
 Redmerski can write some sweet and swoon-worthy moments without giving too much or too little. I love Adria and Isaac, the tension, the chemistry, the strong attraction and all the feelings. It was amazing and exhilarating. I love them together and I’m sure other readers will too. I couldn’t help root for Adria and Isaac.One of the best werewolf books I’ve read in a long long time!
 I fell in love with the werewolves aspect of this book. The Mayfair Moon werewolves were not just any ordinary type of wolves I’ve been reading about. They are terrifyingly scary with hairy fur and razor sharp teeth and claws that stand at least six to seven feet tall. Then there is this war between two werewolf packs and though both are just as frightening, the tension was thrilling. Their world was quite complex, but ultimately interesting. Redmerski definitely developed this part of the book very well.The ending was crazy good.
 It was explosive and the plot twists! Wow, they were truly unexpected! I never saw it coming. It was crazy and intense and Redmerski put me on an incredible ride. I was surprised and shocked and all kinds of mind-blown from that ending. 

Overall, The MayFair Moon was was dark and dangerous, sexy and exciting all at once. If you love werewolves, a good romance and crazy twists, this book is definitely for you! 

*Thanks to Jessica for providing a copy for me to review :)More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books