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The Valentine's Arrangement (Hero for the Holidays, #1)

The Valentine's Arrangement (Hero for the Holidays, #1) - Kelsie Leverich The Valentine’s Arrangement was a fast-paced, sexy, and enthralling read. 

Ronnie was one tough, bold, and blunt tattoo artist that I totally looked up to and loved so so much. She was strong and confident and just cool in every aspect. Even better was her fierce, snarky, and don’t-give-a-shit attitude. Even though she was this total force to be reckoned with she had a vulnerable side that was there deep down and behind her tough exterior. I loved how she was guarded, yet learned to open her heart in the end. Ronnie was definitely no damsel in distress, she could hold her own and defend herself without a problem. Ronnie was not the type of girl to be messed with and because of her intensity, I may have developed a serious girl crush on her.

Then you have sweet, strong, and super sexy love interest, Kale, who endlessly made me swoon like no other. This man has got game and he definitely brings it. He was not afraid to tease and torment Ronnie at any chance he could get and he was not afraid to stand up to her attitude either! Kale was definitely a hero in my eyes, one who totally made me fall for him instantly. He was so determined to prove Ronnie wrong and to deem himself worthy of Ronnie’s attention and I loved how he never gave up on her even when she continued to push him away relentlessly. 

Leverich does an astounding job of drawing out the sexual tension and feelings between Ronnie and Kale. Even in such a short novel, I never felt that it was rushed or forced in any way. The development of Ronnie and Kale’s relationship felt natural and believable. Add in the funny interactions, clever comebacks that just make you grin and the hot sexy scenes that will make you shiver and you're in for a short and sizzling read. 

Ronnie and Kale are just too irresistible! If you are looking for a quick, easy, and guilty pleasure read, this one is for you!

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