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Dizzy - Nyrae Dawn,  Jolene Perry I love a good romance with a swoony couple that makes me melt and the drama that comes with it. Dizzy by Nyrae Dawn and Jolene Perry had this down perfectly. They wrote one cute and lovable book that will surely touch the hearts of many. We start off with two marvelous characters, Dylan and Ziah, who are brought together through the upcoming marriage of their siblings. Dylan and Ziah don’t have much in common and come from opposite worlds, but these two come together under unpleasant circumstances and without knowing how, these two fall for each other. Dylan was a unique character whom I loved from the very start. From the outside, he looked like a rich, spoiled and arrogant guy. Hidden underneath those rough edges is a sweet, down to earth, funny and overall great guy. He was super hilarious and he made me smile and laugh out loud every chance he got. Dylan had trust issues when it came to women so he couldn't commit to one girl, but Dylan never led any girl on. He made sure they knew exactly what he wanted. I love how Dylan still found it in him to support his brother, even when he didn’t agree in the beginning. I understood Dylan and I completely connected with him and felt all the pain and betrayal he felt. I found Dylan to be one amazing guy even with all the issues he had with his parents and his brother’s wedding. Dylan was the type of guy you want to keep and never ever want to let go. Ziah was character that made this book whole. Smart and intimidating with a powerful voice, Ziah was truly one force to be reckoned with. This girl can dish it out and she can stand on her own. She was a strong girl and she valued love and family as important things. What I loved about Ziah was her ability to forgive and embrace things and the people who did her wrong. Ziah may look tough on the outside, but she definitely had a fun and loving side I loved as well. I loved how she was relatable, reachable and believable as a character. Nyrae Dawn and Jolene Perry’s writing was absolutely stunning. The writing is clean and well blended. They did a great job of developing the characters to point where I got to know them and feel what they were going through. Dylan and Ziah were set a part from each other and had unique voices that I knew exactly whose head I was in without looking. The drama and obstacles the characters had to face were real and true to the story as well. The overall pacing of the story was perfect where Dylan and Ziah’s relationship grew stronger each chapter. The romance was beautifully written, making my heart ache and swell and race at the same time. It was so easy to invest and wrap myself around the romance, it’s no wonder why I fell head over heels in love with this book. Best of all, Nyrae Dawn and Jolene Perry made sure to add in the snarky, clever, and humorous moments for a fun, fast, and easy read. Dizzy is a must-have, must-read book for any contemporary, romance and book lovers out there! More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books