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Skin in the Game - Jackie Barbosa Skin in the Game by Jackie Barbosa was probably one of the sweetest and cutest steamy Brazen books I’ve ever read to date! This book didn’t just make me swoon for the romance, but it put a huge smile on my face. It was the perfect light and sexy read I needed.I adored Cade! I thought he would be one of those arrogant, too good for you, and sleeps with everything in a skirt type of guy, but that wasn’t the case at all! Yes, he was cocky at times and enjoyed being in the limelight his fame brought, but he was a great guy. He was charming, cool and a gentleman through and through. I loved that he cared a lot about his former mentor and football coach and believed in Angie’s coaching abilities. He respected her and all the decisions she made. Even better, Cade was an honorable man and a loyal friend. He was not without faults and could be a complete idiot when it came to Angie and his heart, but he was entirely lovable from start to finish. While I loved Cade, I thought Angie was the best! She was the girl next door type and a totally down to earth person. She stood out the most in this book because of the passion she had for her job and the utmost care she had for her students. She was the teacher I wish I had in high school. Not only was she the sweetest character ever, but she had firm convictions, morals and the spirit and fight to last a lifetime. She worked hard for everything she has ever wanted and dreamed of and I was thoroughly impressed that she never wavered even when faced with the choice of losing Cade. She loved enough to accept or let go even when it hurt the most.Cade and Angie were wonderful characters individually, but together they were burning up with chemistry and sexual tension. I freaking enjoyed ever kiss, touch, and sexual encounter they had. They just had enough spice to keep me enticed.I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy a book that centered around football since I’m not a sports fanatic, but I thought this enhanced the story for me. There was some football lingo thrown here and there, but to my surprise, I didn’t have trouble following along. It was something different compared to all the romantic contemporaries I have read without this aspect. I think I may even have learned more about football coming out of this book!All in all, Barbosa did an amazing job with Skin in the Game. Her writing was simple, yet fun and I really had a fantastic time reading this book. I also loved the underlying message of love, believing in yourself and making compromises. When I finished this book, I just wanted more.More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books