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Descension (Mystic, #1) - B.C. Burgess Descension by B.C. Burgess was a very different book that centered around a very unique type of witches and wizards, but also dealt with power hungry forces and true love. I can definitely say that Descension was original in many aspects in which I found to be truly interesting and in parts to be very heart-warming. I commend Burgess for creating a story that does not lack in magic and imagination. What I found in the world of Descension was something super cool and completely wondrous. This magic that the witches and wizards have in Decension can basically do anything you put your mind and imagination to. I love the dynamics of the coven and how close-knitted they were and the fact that they were all family oriented. I was especially fascinated with the aspect of soul mates through bonding. I liked the way that Burgess twisted into something different. I really loved learning about auras and how a witch is able to read one’s emotions and of course the use of elemental magic and spells. This world was really open to many things and I can see there is still so much to know and discover.The main character, Layla, was great. I really liked her. She was a very independent and responsible girl. I admired Layla for stopping her life to take care of her sick mother. She really kept it together even when she was really down. It was very sad to see how she came to be after her mother was gone. It wasn’t until she moved to Oregon when she finally came to life. Discovering who she really was gave Layla a reason to live. By the end of the novel, I could see the growth in Layla; the set determination and the hidden strength coming off of her. I can’t wait to see where this journey of hers will take her next.My favorite part of this book was diving into the past and how Layla came to be in the beginning of the book. It was wonderful to read all about Layla’s whirlwind romance and their fight to stay together. Layla’s family was filled with so much love, joy, and devotion that I felt it go straight through me. Her parents were brave and sacrificed so much. They were extraordinary characters I came to love wholeheartedly. Burgess writing took some time to get used to, but once I did, I was flying through the book. Descension had a good pace that kept moving along nicely with each new revelation. The descriptions and vivid imagery used to describe the Oregon scenery was breath-taking and had me wishing I could actually see the area for myself. I really loved how she combined two different stories, weaving them together into a one big one. She really made it complex and alluring all at once. I didn’t expect to feel all kinds of emotions but I did and by the end of the book, I was in tears from the heartbreak and unwavering devotion of Layla’s parents. I was left awestruck by such an intense admiration for them.Overall, I enjoyed Decension immensely. It was well written, had amazing characters and an awesome storyline. More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books