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Playing the Maestro - Aubrie Dionne Playing the Maestro was a read completely out of my league, but one that I couldn’t help but love in its entirety. It was refreshing, super cute, and one delightful book. Aubrie Dionne does a great job of creating a book centered around a passion for classical music and for weaving in the love story between Melody and Wolf. 

Melody was just half of this amazing duo between her and Wolf that I adored so much. She was a character brimming with passion for music and for her orchestra. She was strong-willed, driven, and completely independent. I loved how she was bold and straight-forward, but she was also extremely caring, family oriented, and good natured. Even in her embarrassing moments, Melody stayed true to herself, never gave up and fought for what she really wanted. She was talented through and through and I loved every single thing about her.Wolf was amazing character with or without Melody. He had demanding presence from the beginning that was very hard to ignore. Like Melody, he was very serious and dedicated to music and for the well being of the orchestra. Wolf was a great guy, intimidating, confident and almost regal in a way. He was a good person despite his aloof demeanor. He was arrogant from the start, but under his facade was a kind-hearted, vulnerable and sweet man full of dreams. I felt really bad for the trouble and pain he went through, but I was glad to see him come out of it for the best.Wolf and Melody had this instant connection and attraction to each other, but both were very afraid to act on their feelings due to their current career situations. I really enjoy a story with a wonderful blooming romance and intense chemistry and this is what Playing the Maestro gave me. I love that their romance was drawn out because it allowed me to have a deeper connection with their relationship. Wolf and Melody were too cute together. I love how comfortable they were with each other and the way their easy playful banter never ceased to warm my heart. I couldn’t count how many times those two made me grin from ear to ear. I don’t know much about classical music, conducting an orchestra the way Wolf does or playing an instrument the way Melody does, but I do know what it feels like to love music with all of your being. This deep love for music was palpable through Wolf and Melody, even more so through Dionne’s beautiful writing. I love that this book was spilt between the point of views of Wolf and Melody. This gave the book flow with a great easy pacing making it hard not to read just a few chapters at a time. Overall, Playing the Maestro was an endearing and heart-soaring read. Lovers of music and romance will adore this book so much!More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books