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Chantress - Amy Butler Greenfield Chantress by Amy Butler Greenfield had a very interesting and enthralling idea of singing, magic, power and history. Set in the fifteen century London, was a story about a young girl finding out the truth of her background, the power she wielded, and defeating a man who is feared by the whole city. With a beautiful cover and even more eloquent premise, Chantress will definitely charm you from the inside out. 
You’re thinking another typical girl finding out her true identity type of story, right? Well, it was so much more than that. Fifteen year old Lucy was a curious young girl, questioning why she couldn’t sing and why she would be in danger if she did. She was naive from being away from the city and stuck on a remote island, but she was a quick learner, determined, and very hard-working. She meets people that help her, listens to their dismay, and she rises up to help in anyway she could despite her fear and her lack of experience as a Chantress. Lucy battles with a lot of inner turmoil from fear that she cannot perform her magic, to failing the people, and to succumbing to the Shadowgrims. She was a brave girl and very admirable. 

The romance of the story is very little, but I believe it could have more potential in the next books to come. At first, I didn’t like Nat very much maybe because he was cold, harsh and unfriendly. However, I grew to like him towards the end, especially in his belief that Lucy was a strong Chantress despite his reservations about magic. I have big hopes for Lucy and Nat in the future. They are a great pair.The best of this book was the writing. I was absolutely enchanted by Greenfield’s style and the voice she created for Lucy. Greenfield’s writing was clean and articulate and made me feel like I was living in this time period. I also really enjoyed the concept of this book. I’ve read a few books that deal with magic, but Chantress had a unique touch. I enjoyed learning about the singing magic and the history of the Chantresses. I found myself immersed and completely fascinated by the background story. Even though I was creeped out by the scary magic altered ravens, called Shadowgrims, the fear in which Greenfield wanted to invoke from those creatures was ever present. Those birds just made my skin crawl. And the way that Greenfield tied actual history, Chantress history along with her own additions and changes were well balanced and gave the perfect touch of realism I needed in this fantasy novel. Although slow paced at some points, Chantress is not without intrigue, darkness, and adventure. Greenfield doesn’t disappoint and kept me engaged throughout the book. I most certainly cannot wait for the next installment. 

Historical fantasy lovers can add this one to their to read list right about now!
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Hush: A Billionaire Bachelors Club Novel

Crave - Monica  Murphy DAAAAMN. I needs this book, like... NOW.

The Eternity Cure

The Eternity Cure - Julie Kagawa Of course, Julie Kagawa never fails to disappoint. Did I even doubt for a second?! No freaking way. The Eternity Cure was darker, creepier, and more devastating that I could have ever imagined thus far. Oh, how I’ve have missed Allie! I thought she was even more tough and badass as ever than she was in The Immortal Rules. She was so ready to rescue and fight for Kanin, I couldn’t help but cheer her on. This time around she had much more control over herself, learning her lessons from before. Even though she has more handle over herself, Allie still struggles with her humanity, always one foot on wanting to preserve it and the other foot on giving in to her vampire instincts. What I’ve always liked about Allie is that she’s somehow found a balance even in the struggle. She doesn’t kill just to kill and like Kanin said, she had chosen what kind of monster she wanted to be. I really loved Allie so much more in this book because her determination and devotion to Kanin and Zeke were always present and always the driving force to her fighting will. I just love the strength Allie has built and the compassion she still has for just about everyone. I have to admit that I loved Jackal so much! Having him more prominent in this second book made the dark and ominous parts of this book amusing and entertaining. Jackal was just so witty and sarcastic, I couldn’t get enough of him. Evil has he may seem, I think Jackal had some redeeming qualities in him (microscopic as they might be) and his dark humor was just the perfect touch to really soften my heart toward him. The romance didn’t take off until I got deeper in the book, but it was just lovely. Having Allie and Zeke back together, fighting along side one another was amazing. I loved these two together, because they just click. I loved their connection then and I love it even more now.I’m glad that I got more insight on many aspects of this world I wanted more of in first book. In The Eternity Cure, Allie journeys through more underground tunnels, abandoned labs, and even into the Inner City of her old home in New Covington. I especially loved re-meeting some old characters, previously mentioned in the first book. I have to say that this book was slower in pace, but had more depth plot and character wise. I felt more rooted into the story and more connected with the characters, even the bad ones. Kagawa is nothing short of brilliance, nonetheless.And the bomb that Kagawa set off in this book wasn’t just explosive or dangerous, it was freaking painful as hell. I was shocked and pissed and hurt and basically feeling every emotion that came close to going crazy. She sure didn’t hold back and I’m not sure whether I hate or love her for it!Overall, Kagawa has me itching for the next book! I need to find out what happened next as soon as possible!More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books

Femme Fatale: A Hard Bodies Novel (Entangled Brazen)

Femme Fatale - Cindy Dees Femme Fatale was such a delight to read because it was both really sexy and totally fun. Whatever Cindy Dees is doing, she’s doing it right because I am so hooked!It’s not everyday you get to read a book where it centers around a rising movie star and a Marine brought together on set under certain circumstances. In Femme Fatale, Dees really brings out the best of these characters and completely dives into the everyday workings of a movie set, the issues of being a Marine, and the choice between career or love. Olivia was funny, fierce and so ready to be the next Hollywood badass chick. I really liked her because she was bold, but sweet and just a genuinely kind and thoughtful character. She got alone great with nearly everyone in the book, she was driven in her career, and although she sometimes didn’t have 100% confidence, it didn’t show. She went after what she thought she wanted with few hesitations and she didn’t think twice to help out or sacrifice her image when someone needed her help. Can we not even get started on Major Blake?! At times tough and oh so serious, I cannot deny that Blake was majorly sexy. Previously burned, betrayed and let down by a beautiful woman, Blake is very wary and cautious when it comes to putting his heart on the line, but even he couldn’t resist Olivia’s charm! I loved Blake because he was a freaking sweetheart! He was a gentleman with a protective nature he couldn’t shake. Most of all, he was a man who was looking for more in a relationship and who can actually keep it his goddamn pants! Sure, Blake was honorable and noble as they come, but daaaaamn was he a freak in the sheets! Hello instant chemistry and attraction! Olivia and Blake were freaking burning up, burning up for me, baby. Both flirt back and forth with some sexual jokes and innuendos and then when they are together, someone has to ask “did it get hot in here?” Because you can bet it sure does! Cindy Dees did a wonderful job with this book. It definitely stands out among the Brazen books because of the idea and the characters. Her writing catches fire and it flows very nicely until the end. If she had a great time writing it, I had an amazing time reading it.More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books

Real (Real, Raw & Ripped, #1)

Real - Katy Evans REAL by Katy Evans definitely packs the punch and sends it straight to your gut! Wow, I’m still grasping for words, still a little speechless, completely dazed, amazed and reeling. I think the best way to describe this book is a lyric from a Paramore song, “You got it you got it, some kind of magic. Hypnotic hypnotic, you're leaving me breathless.” That’s exactly what this book is and one million times more.Damn Katy Evans, where have you been all my life?! REAL was nothing, everything, and anything I expected. The writing was dripping with emotion and passion, I could feel it all and I’m so damn impressed by Evans, I kind of want to kidnap her, keep her to myself and tell her to write some more. I loved the exciting thrill of Remy’s fights, how I’d get just as pumped up as Brooke. Evans wrote those scenes just as if I watching them live. And oh god, the way I was feeling while I reading this book! It was like I was on a high, my emotions were all jacked up and it felt like I was being pushed over the edge only to be yanked back at the last minute to start all over again. Don’t even get me started on the make out sessions and sex scenes! I thought I was going to spontaneously combust from sexual frustration. I have never been so turned on in my life! No book has done that and the fact that Evans made me feel this way is half embarrassing and half exhilarating. 
I don‘t know whether to love Brooke because of her big heart, her determination to start over and how she accepted Remington wholeheartedly or hate her because she gets to be with him, kiss him, love him etc, you get the point. One thing is for sure and that’s how I adore her way of being there for Remy, soothing him, but also standing up to him. She’s got the snark that I like and the the attitude to match it. I love the way she doesn’t fall all over his feet in his presence, but it’s funny because she completely was in her head. I loved how she was very forward with what she wanted and though she knew and was afraid to get hurt, she still went after it, went after him. 
Holy sweet Remington Riptide Tate. This man pulled the rug from under my feet, secretly stole my heart without me knowing and had me swooning nearly every page he showed up on. This sexy bad boy fighter was bold and full of strength, but gentle and quiet. This dark side of his scared him and I was so broken up about this and everything he has gone through. I seriously loved the way he wanted to prove to Brooke he could be hers and I loved the drive he had inside and his willingness to never give in to his demons. I loved the way he showed how he was feeling through his actions and the songs on his iPod and his overprotectiveness towards Brooke that even the independent not a damsel in distress side of me drove me crazy with love and lust for him. Gods, the chemistry he had with Brooke was sizzling, blazing, borderline red hot fire! I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to scream at two characters to just get it on already! It was the best feeling ever. "I want you in my bed again. I want to kiss you. Hold you."Overall, REAL was dark, deep, and addictive. Remy is my drug of choice and I’m perfectly fine relapsing on him any day, everyday. Using Brooke's word.. REAL is freakingfuckingtastic.More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books

The Ward

The Ward - 2.5 starsThe cover to this book is what originally drew me in and had me begging to read it. Sadly, the contents of the this is not as striking as its cover. The Ward by Jordana Frankel was a book I wanted to love so bad, but it failed to meet any of my expectations. What I did like:

Main character and heroine: Ren
It took me awhile to warm up to Ren, but I think in the end I could say that I liked her. She wasn’t the best of heroines or even that great, but Ren was interesting. Her reckless adventurous side intrigued me, but her love and devotion for her sister Axen impressed me. I liked that Ren wanted to be a racer even when she knew it was dangerous and mostly filled with boys. She was bold, daring, and never backed down from a challenge and I found these traits set her a part from the rest. At times, Ren was able to make me laugh with her snarky comments and with her amusing inner dialogue. 

The passionate doctor
He was gangly, awkward, and a little weird but I adored him. He wasn’t physically strong, nor could he swim or even be a match for the other guy in this book, but he was smarter than everyone else. He was the only one who wanted to make a difference and actually do something in The Ward. He was sweet and I hope that Ren could see what I saw in him too. 

Ren and Axen
Ren didn’t want to love or care for anyone for fear of being alone. She has always looked out for herself, but allowed this younger girl to worm her way in. Ren becomes BFFs with Axen, basically considering her a sister with no blood relation and risks everything to save her from her sickness. It was inspiring. 
What I didn’t like:

Ren’s issues with breathing and not breathing. It’s ridiculous. It's just too much of this.."Then I can breathe, and I realize that I hadn't been.""I have to force myself to breathe.""I can't breathe, there's nothing for me to breathe.""I exhale, realizing that I too wasn't breathing." And my personal favorite.."I hold my breath... but I already am."*rolls eyes* And that's just some. It goes on and on nearly every chapter.

Descriptions, you are too much. 
I like great descriptions that easily allow me to build the world in my mind. Yes, I was able to see some parts (especially with the helpful cover) but most of the descriptions in this book were too much and over the top. I felt that the more it was described, the more jumbled it seemed. The descriptions for bubbles, the buildings, the beginning race, the underwater crash and some more were so freaking long and drawn out I thought it was never going to end.

You can never have too much plot.
Wrong. You can and this book was all over the place that I could barely follow. There was the racing, the DI government, the sickness called Blight, the freshwater, the science, the history of the spring, the Tetai, the people of the Isle vs. the Ward, the Upstate, and the cure. Every single thing in this book was interesting on its own, but it’s one after the other and it got so overwhelming. I found myself going back and rereading more than I could ever want. All of these things I mentioned were touched upon maybe some more than others, but nothing gets developed fully because too much was going on. Even now, I’m not even sure what the heck I read. 

Overall, The Ward wasn’t everything it was cracked up to be. While I enjoyed some parts of this book, it just didn’t deliver the amazing I expected. It lacked in something I can’t pinpoint and most of the book just annoyed me. It was too long, too hard to understand, and didn’t give me any gut wrenching emotions it should have.More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books

Lover Undercover: Love Undercover (Entangled: Brazen)

Lover Undercover - Samanthe Beck Damn, can Samanthe Beck write! In her second Brazen book, Lover Undercover, I am yet again impressed beyond unreasonable doubt at her ability to tell a well thought out, sensuous, and emotional story. Who would have thought a virgin yoga instructor could be so good as a stripper at first try?! A hot, sexy one at that! Kylie was just unbelievable, I may have developed a slight girl crush on her! She was a fast learner when it came to filling in for her sister’s job and she delivered. I loved the way Kylie was passionate about her job, loyal and caring to her sister, and the amount of her understanding was never ending. I thought her stepping in for her sister was admirable. The experience allowed Kylie to grow as a person because it made her open up more, awoken her sexually and also mentally and emotionally. She was scared of giving everything over to a man, but she found balance in the love she felt for Trevor and it was amazing. 

I don’t what it is about men and law enforcement that makes me drool, but ohmysweetheaven, Detective Trevor was just, *licks his shoulder* deeelicious! He was all about getting the bad guy, bringing in justice, and protecting Kylie, all the while being the charming, smooth talking, make me so damn weak in the knees man, in and out of the bedroom. It was criminal how hot he was, seriously. What I loved most about him, besides his sexiness of course, was his compassion and understanding. He never jumped to conclusions about Kylie and gave her the chance to explain herself. It’s one thing for sex scenes to be hot, but for make out scenes to be just as scorching is just straight up enlivening! And like I said, Beck can write them! I swear I was fanning myself and needing to cool down from the heat this book brought! It was more than well written. Love Undercover wasn’t just about the sex though, it was also about the mysterious murders, the line between love and loyalty, right and wrong, and lies versus the truth. All of this is in there and it adds so much more to the story, making it unique and a thrilling read. I absolutely loved trying to figure out who the killer was. I had a good hunch and was certain it was him, but Beck was dropping hints to make me doubt myself. Even though I predicted right, I had the best time along the way, especially learning everything when it all played out. 
I wasn’t just pleased by Lover Undercover, I was satiated! Samanthe Beck, please give me more! More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books

Dark Triumph

Dark Triumph - Robin LaFevers First introduced to this world in Grave Mercy, we’re back with vengeance in Dark Triumph and it’s even fiercer than before. 
Oh, Robin LaFevers! She is the epitome of everything amazing when it comes to writing brilliant high fantasy, historical fiction because I am once again tripping with love over another book from her. She just brings everything to life from the politics, to the weapons, to the language, and to the emotions all swirled into this lengthy but can never really get enough novel. Everything I could want in a book, is in this book. It’s got action, romance, adventure, friendship, love, and loss; so much variation plot wise. It doesn’t overwhelm, but it enhances everything ten fold.Let’s take Sybella for instance. We only get her on the surface in Grave Mercy and we don’t feel the depth of her fragile mentality and her compassionate nature until Dark Triumph. This young assassin had so much love to give, but Sweet Jesu was she broken in more ways than one. The fact that she felt death was the answer for her tore me up inside. Her unwavering loyalty, nobility and care she had for the duchess, Ismae, and her younger sisters clawed at my heart and made me ache and look up to Sybella. The girl I thought she was in Grave Mercy was not that girl at all, but someone with so much heart and life and strength. I absolutely loved her snark, her attitude and her cunning attitude. The girl knew how to play the game and she played it well; deceiving and manipulating with ease, nearly leaving me breathless with amazement. Her way of killing was calculated and her rebellious defiant nature gave her more personality. The accurate way she wielded a knife was simply impressive. Sybella was wild, clever, and the definition of beautiful but deadly.And the romance. Oh, what sweet and lovely romance it was! It was developed nicely and had me sighing with contentment. Beast and Sybella were just what the other needed, completing each other like no one else could. Ferocious as Beast was during his battle lust, it is parried by his honor, his gentleness, and his kind heart. He saw the good in Sybella despite all the wrong doings she may have done and he managed to break down the walls she had built and slayed her damaged heart when not even she thought she could not be tamed.

Dark Triumph was not heavily driven by the court politics or the impending the war. It was there, prominent within the novel, but never the forefront. For me, it was all about Sybella’s story, her life, and her desperate need for vengeance and justice. LaFevers balances this all out perfectly because there was an immense amount of action. The fight or killing scenes were to die for and completely written with great care, vividness and imagery there was no way I wasn't able to visualize everything. Even better was the insurmountable anticipation I felt all because of the imminent danger throughout the novel. My heart was racing and my fear for Sybella was always present and it left me emotionally drained in the best possible way. LaFevers brought out the very best in this book and I swear, I love it more than I already do.More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books

Faster We Burn (Fall and Rise, Book Two)

Faster We Burn - Chelsea M. Cameron I was touched with Lottie and Zan’s love story and was introduced to all of their friends in Deeper We Fall. Among those friends were Katie and Stryker, two characters that made an imprint in my heart early on. This time around in Faster We Burn, it’s Katie and Stryker’s story. A story that is full of hope, strength and of course, love. 

Getting to know more of Katie in Faster We Burn was a lovely experience. That strong sometimes self-absorbed and happy go lucky girl I first saw was just one layer to Katie. Due to her previous abusive relationship, that spark of light I saw in Katie dwindled into a girl who became a little broken, bent, and was scared to open her heart. Katie loses herself, but slowly finds and rebuild herself with the help of her amazing friends and her most complicated non-relationship with Stryker. With him, Katie was sarcastic, stronger, fiercer, and able to open up more than ever before. What Katie goes through in this book is tough and heart breaking, but she really perseveres. The immense amount of willpower she shows was commendable. Katie made mistakes, but she really learns from them and grows as a daughter, friend, and girlfriend. 
I was infatuated with Stryker Grant the minute he showed up on page in DWF. He fascinated me and being able to be in his head and feel his emotions was exhilarating. Stryker has had a rough and hard childhood, but he has made something of himself. The man was extraordinary! He was highly intelligent, artistically and musically talented and loved to restore cars. He was comfortable with Katie’s obsession with the color pink and wasn’t embarrassed to paint her nails either. Stryker even likes to keep his kitchen in order and has a spice rack that is arranged in alphabetically. Though he looked like a bad boy with his tattoos and piercings and could sometimes be an asshole, he had a really big heart. He saw something in Zan and in Katie. He never reserved judgement and always gave them the benefit of the doubt. He stood up for what he believed in and defended anyone he cared about. He was there for Katie whether she needed him or not. When he thought he would never fall in love, he did and he fell hard and deep and not without passion. I loved Stryker, his wrongs and rights and every little flaw and perfection he had. The chemistry between Stryker and Katie wasn’t something I was expecting, but they totally had me smiling like a fool and feeling all the fuzzy feelings at every turn. I enjoyed their complicated undefined relationship that started out as a physical attraction and builds into something more as they spent more time together, slowly destroying the walls they had. The blooming love and realization of that love was beautiful to read. The mutual connection and understanding Stryker and Katie had was proof how meant to be they really were. Again, Chelsea Cameron managed to captivate me and uplift me. She created a story that was a total knock out, one that was impressionable and memorable. Cameron brought out the best and worst of these characters, putting them situations that are relatable to all. Faster We Burn was definitely heavier, darker, and a lot more emotional. There is just something about Cameron’s writing that just hits home. Her ability to create heartfelt stories with such an authentic voice takes my breath away and completely leaves me needing more and more. More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books

Deeper We Fall (Fall and Rise, Book One)

Deeper We Fall - Chelsea M. Cameron I’m going to tell you straight up that Deeper We Fall by Chelsea M. Cameron was sensational! I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I started, but I assure you I was feeling all the feels while I read and after! Charlotte, better known as Lottie, talks too much and I loved that so hard! This girl was freaking funny and had me laughing out loud from her banter with her twin brother, Will and with her inner thoughts and reactions. The best thing about Lottie was her loyalty to her family, friends, and anyone she cared about. Her snarky attitude, the way she speaks her mind and tends to babble when she was uncomfortable was not only charming, but downright fiercely adorable. I was disappointed in Lottie being too quick to judge when it came to Zan, but I understood where her pain and hatred was coming from. I loved that even after all those years, she made an effort to be there for Lexie no matter how hard it was for her. And I really got a kick out of Lottie’s passion for books and how she would go on book buying binges when stressed out. I think the girl is after my own bookish heart! 
Imagine my surprise when I found that this book was spilt between Lottie and Zan’s points of view. I was more than thrilled to say the least. While I loved Lottie’s hilarious lines and her inability to shut her mouth, I craved the deep, dark and angst thoughts from Zan. He gave me huge mutant butterflies in my tummy and made me swoon all over the place when he announced that he loved reading, when he recited poetry, when he freaking ate Pop Tarts for breakfast and when he played the banjo and started singing. The guy was a walking, talking dream boat. My heart cracked and splintered from the all pain and guilt that he felt. He may have been more than six feet tall, known to have meaningless fucks and even did drugs back then, but I still wanted to wrap myself around him and make him all better because he was the sweetest thing to ever grace this earth. He really wanted Lottie to see he was a different person, but he never pushed and was patient all the time. I simultaneously loved and hated how Zan cleaned up after his brother’s messes and still cared despite everything Zack had done.I love dual POVs and Cameron hit the spot with Lottie and Zan! It couldn’t have been more perfectly well written. Being able to get into both of their heads just really added to overall experience of emotions I felt throughout reading book. Cameron really dived deep into Lottie and Zan’s characters and I was amazed at their tentative physical and emotional development. The anticipation of them being together was inevitable, but still had me holding my breathe waiting for it to happen. Cameron also does an outstanding job of making the secondary characters prominent in the book. They weren’t just in the background, they were memorable and I felt the bond and closeness they all with each other. I loved how though this book centered around Lottie and Zan coming together, it was also about family, friendship, forgiveness, and redemption and Cameron continued to impress me at her ability to weave in all this in a balanced and well profound manner. Though this book had its dark aspects, it is not without wit! I was flailing and grinning more times than I can count. And all the music and literary references was just that flawless touch that made this book the whole package. 
All in all, Deeper We Fall was like tasting chocolate for the first time; luscious at the first bite, addictive when finished.More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books

Second Chance Boyfriend

Second Chance Boyfriend - Monica  Murphy Drew + Fable forever ever. I fucking love them with all of my being!!Full review to come

Against the Wall (Maverick Montana, #1)

Against the Wall (Maverick Montana, #1) - Rebecca Zanetti Against the Wall by Rebecca Zanetti is another example of why I love Entangled’s Brazen line so much. I swear, each release just gets better and better. It was just impossible not to fall in love with Zanetti’s book because it had so much going on in the story besides the romance. 

Sophie was fanfreakingtastic! She was just a great character all around. Sophie had the brains and the looks. She was well educated, stubborn, and ready to put anyone in their place. She didn’t just have spirit, but she had fire. I really loved how she grew throughout the story, realizing her full potential as an artist and just embracing who and what she believed in. She didn’t just want to settle, she wanted love and passion in her relationship. She wanted a family she had always been dreaming of, a place where she would belong and all of this was explored and discovered for her. Jake Lodge was absolutely wonderful! He was the jelly to Sophie’s peanut butter and he was just the way I liked ‘em. He was the most sexiest horse riding kissable cowboy lawyer I damn wished I could get my hands all over. I loved how devoted he was to the Kooskia tribe and how important his heritage was. I especially loved how he had great family ties and values. He was very protective of his sister Dawn and was an amazing father to his daughter Leila. He was just amazing all around. Every quality in a man that a woman may be looking for, Jake had it. He was powerful, clever and so easily able to command a room, who wouldn’t be swooning all over him?
I really liked that Jake and Sophie’s relationship, though they had some hesitations, were able to communicate and push aside their oppositions against each other professionally. They had lovely chemistry together and the way Jake’s family embraced Sophie was heartwarming. Zanetti totally gave this book everything. Her writing had the perfect flow with just the right amount of witty sense of humor and sensual sexiness I couldn’t get enough of. Her descriptions of the landscape was beautifully written, I had no problem visualizing it all in my mind. I loved how she mixed in the loyalty between family and heritage, love and career, and risking it all. 

Spicy, dangerous, and completely tantalizing, Against the Wall will have you racing to finish the book, but regretting that it ever ends! I can’t wait for the next installment in the Maverick Montana series!More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books


Strangelets - Michelle Gagnon Strangelets by Michelle Gagnon was definitely a strange and creepy read. It wasn’t exactly the most thrilling, but it certainly invoked much curiosity and wonder. It’s very hard to describe exactly what type of book this was, but I loved all the elements that Gagnon twisted into it. It’s very rare for me to read let alone enjoy a book that has three point of views going at once, but I thought Gagnon did an incredible job with this. Each character had an outstanding voice that was powerful and thorough throughout the book. Sophie, who was on the verge of dying from lymphoma, but was a quiet yet resilient character. She was kind, caring, and thoughtful. She seemed like the weakest out of all of them, but it was clear that Sophie was strong, rational, and able to make quick and last minute decisions where it mattered most. Declan was my favorite out of all three because he was just clever and a very funny character. He was very capable, resourceful, and could think on his feet. He was nice, smart, and knew how to survive. He definitely gave the book a light touch. Last, but not least we have Anat. She was the ultimate fighting survivor who never gave up. She was a little harsh, tough, and not really approachable, but the girl had guts. She was probably the bravest of them all and was able to stand on her own no matter what. All three of these characters were so different, coming from different countries but they managed to band together and make a ragtag, sometimes dysfunctionally cooperating team. Gagnon did a great job of describing the world with the destroyed buildings, piled up cars, the immense amount of trees and wildlife and even the gross creatures that lurked around. All of this was described in great detail. What I really loved most about this book was Gagnon’s ability to weave in the elements of time travel, science, and the power of a father’s love into an apocalyptic setting. She really gave that eerie, keep-checking your-back-someone-is-watching kind of suspense. While I was reading, I didn’t know what was necessarily going on just like how Sophie, Declan and Anat must have felt. It wasn’t until near the end where everything comes to light and I thought that Gagnon did that brilliantly. This allowed me to keep guessing and form my own theories along the way. Even though the ending didn’t answer all the questions I had, I liked that a lot because the alternate reality theory made complete sense no matter what. I would have liked for a little more explanation, but the openness of it all gave me the chance to form my own conclusions. There was some excellent plot twists here and there that had me at the edge of my seat and definitely gave me the despair and excitement I was looking for.
Overall Strangelets was a book full of unknown and so much possibilities. It’s the type of book that makes your imagination run wild while giving you the chance to fall in love with these crazy teens literally stuck in the wrong placeMore Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books

Love's Forbidden Flower

Love's Forbidden Flower - Diane Rinella I was drawn to Love’s Forbidden Flower by Diane Rinella because of its taboo subject of incest and I wanted to see how she would share the love between brother and sister with Donovan and Lily. I enjoyed what Rinella created in this book despite some issues I had along the way. It was different in a way that kept me enthralled and had me wishing for something I never thought I would wish for when it came to both Lily and Donovan.

I liked Lily for her outspoken manner, the way she was passionate about baking, and her ability to express what she was feeling without hesitation. She was the type of person who was adamant about wanting to be herself without restraint. Lily also had a great sense of humor and at times, she was able to make me smile and laugh with her snarky and devious ways. I thought Lily was a strong character, a driving force not easily put down by others. I didn’t like that Lily could be a little forceful, very forward, and certainly had no filter when it came to her feelings. It was her greatest strength and weakness because while she was expressive, she would push too much. In her assertiveness, I thought she was a little selfish and when she didn’t get her way, she was overdramatic. Despite this, I liked that Lily took charge in the end and did what was best for herself, but mostly for Donovan. 
I thought Donovan was a complex character that kept me wishing to be in his head alongside Lily’s. I found him to be a fragile and delicate character, damaged at best and barely holding on at worst. Throughout the whole book, Donovan goes through many struggles from trying to be the manly son his father wanted him to be, from the denial of being who Donovan wanted to be, and ultimately to his feelings toward Lily. I was a little put off with his back and forth cold and angry demeanor to his gentle and caring side, but I understood where he was coming from and what demons he was trying to battle, put to rest, and forget. It was very sad to see him slowly break down from his pent up feelings and the secrets he harbored. 

I did had some trouble with the writing style and Lily’s overall voice because of the heavy vocabulary I wasn’t familiar with. I also wasn’t a fan of the transitions between chapters. I felt disoriented when one event would end and soon another would start with time passing without me really knowing it. I just thought they didn’t blend as well as I would have liked. I also thought that Love’s Forbidden Flower was unnecessarily long. I think there was some parts that could be shortened or even possibly taken out. However, Rinella did do a great job with exploring such a controversial topic. Love’s Forbidden Flower was written well with great thought and lots of emotion. I’m still conflicted toward my feelings for Lily and Donovan’s wonderful, yet odd relationship, but Rinella managed to give me an even more open mind and allowed me to understand, sympathize, and feel the ache of love lost. She definitely had me questioning the lines between right and wrong in society when it came to love. She had me asking questions like: What is love? Why is this type of love so bad? Why is it any different? If an author can have me second guessing my morals and beliefs, then I know her words and her stories have the power to move and touch many readers. While Love’s Forbidden Flower was far from perfect, it did make its mark on my sometimes tough heart. More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books

Surrender Your Love (Surrender Your Love, #1)

Surrender Your Love - J.C. Reed Totally unexpected! Need more Brooke and Jett!Review to come soon!

Collector (Dante Walker Novel)

The Collector - Victoria Scott Dante was so bad, he was freaking good.

I have been anticipating The Collector by Victoria Scott for ages. Finally able to dive into it, I can honestly say I have never been so infatuated with a book after just one sentence. Repeating my initial reaction when I finished: It was everything and I’m tucking this book right next to my heart. 
I’m going to come out and say that Dante Walker was infuriatingly sexy. He can talk the talk, walk the walk, and he can bring it to the next level. He was a fine piece of soul collecting, red loving, and big mouth attention grabbing presence of a specimen that I could not help but love to death. It’s not a lie that Dante gets the job done with flare. He’s the best of the best in his job and he’s comfortable in his skin. Dante was extremely clever, arrogant, and daring. Dante was the type of person who gets what he wants, does what he likes, and says what’s on his mind. Honestly, I wanted to punch him in the face and then grab him and kiss him silly. Dante makes me go crazy in the best possible ways. Even when he was being a jerk and even when his thoughts were harsh and cringe-worthy, there was still something about Dante, his attitude, and personality that makes him super attractive. Dante may be bad to the bone, but he has a heart and he can love, just don’t tell him I said that. Speaking of love, there is plenty of romance to go around in The Collector. I absolutely adored Dante and Charlie’s interaction so much. Who would have thought that curly haired and crooked teeth of a cute geeky girl like Charlie would slay big, bad, and cool Dante Walker? She did and it was so amazing to see her break down his walls little by little. These two just made my heart sing! Charlie was quirky and shy in the most sweetest and adorable way. I seriously loved that despite Dante’s distaste at Charlie’s appearance, he sees past it to the good hearted person within. Getting to know Charlie allows Dante to open up, change, and just be a better person. Because of Charlie, Dante goes against everything he has ever known and wanted and learns what it really means to love and sacrifice.
Victoria Scott has done a splendid job at creating, writing, and bringing the infamous Dante Walker to life. She made Dante live and breath this book to perfection. The Collector was a unique book that was clever and brilliantly written. I really enjoyed the paranormal aspects of heaven and hell with its corresponding liberators and collectors, the seals, the golden cuffs, and the soul light of humans. There was so much I wanted to know and learn about what Dante does and it was delivered. Scott gave more than enough to keep me enthralled and mesmerized throughout the whole story. Scott made The Collector fun and addictively entertaining. Once you go in, you can’t stop yourself from wanting more. 

Overall, The Collector had an original take on demons, falling in love, and about beauty being skin deep. This book was more than memorable and is easily able to ingrain itself on the hearts of many. 
Whatever Victoria Scott has next, I want need it!More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books